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A Quick Introduction

We are Party Cinemas!

Our passion is entertainment. The Outdoor Movie rental service we offer is our driving force for summertime - or any time - fun! Warm summer nights, not a cloud in the sky. Enjoy quality family time, or a night out with someone special. No matter which way you write the story, an Outdoor Movie experience really is an exceptional way to spend an evening.

Who we are?

Our company was born in the entertainment world. We have been entertaining families, friends and co-workers for nearly two decades. Party Cinemas has been servicing the Outdoor Movie industry for approaching 10 years. Other products we offer are Video Dance Party events, DJ Services and Corporate Audio Visual Rentals & Event Production.

Why Choose Us?

With our extensive experience in the industry, use of the most reliable and trusted brands of equipment and hiring highly skilled staff, we are able to provide our customers with the absolute best experience possible. Who doesn't want that? You and your audience deserve the best.

They said what?

Here are a couple of quotes from recent clients: "I just wanted to thank you for the great service we received on Sunday. I will be referring you to all my clients" ..and another: "And a very big thank you for your help...I have have nothing but positive feedback about the opening ceremonies and everyone loved the big screen display!"

The Service We Provide

Inflatable screens of any size, HD projection, full range sound systems and portable power. We are your one stop shop for yor next Outdoor Movie screening event! For more information and a comparison of our screens click here.

Screen Sizes

There are three main screen sizes that are used for 90% of Outdoor Movie Rentals. On the 'small' side there is the 16' screen. This screen is great for backyards, schools and small corporate events. Next up from that we have our very popular 24' Outdoor Movie screen. This size is ideal for almost any event and suitable for up to roughly 600 participants. On the rather large-and-in-charge side, we have our signature 40' screen. This is going to provide you with a definite wow factor and is suitable for nearly any crowd size you can dream up. We do have a complete range of other sizes as well, so if these don't suit you speak up!

Projection Equipment

These days, movies are made to look more real than life itself! Party Cinemas uses the absolute best in cinema projection. We use Christie Projectors almost exclusively for all of our Outdoor Movie rental service productions. High Definition you ask? That is a resounding yes! HD Outdoor Movies for the win.

Sound System

Now that we've covered the video aspect, let's talk about the sound! Asides from the incredible picture quality you're going to want to hear what's happening too! Our sound systems are all top level JBL and QSC components. When the action happens, you'll be able to see, hear and feel the movie just like the theatre!

Power up

Unless otherwise specified, all of our Outdoor Movie events come equipped with state of the art Honda inverter generators. These generators provide your screening with whisper quiet operation, and superb reliability. Not only that, this means we can set up anywhere! Yes, even there. Additional power is available to run other services at your event on request.

One Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words. Here's Five.

We use only Airscreen inflatable movie screens for rent in our inventory. Considered the number one Outdoor Movie screen on the market. They are rated for winds up up to 60kph and are made from the highest quality material to withstand weekly use in the screen rental business. Great piece of mind for your important event.
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