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Outdoor Movie Licenses

A Public Performance License is required for anyone that plans on showing a movie that is open to the public. This is according to the Canadian Copyright Act which states that "all public performances of commercially available copyrighted movies must be licensed with the proper rights owner or representative".

We've been asked many times if a license is required even if there are no admission costs or if one is needed for non-profit groups. The answer to that is yes. All groups and events intended for public consumption require a license.

We're here to help

While we don't distribute licenses, but we are more than happy to assist you in obtaining one on your behalf if requested. Making your Outdoor Movie event easy to plan and execute is part of our mission.

What is the cost of a license

The cost of a license varies and depends on a few factors. A general rule of thumb would be that is a movie title is on DVD your cost will range from $200-400 on average. For titles that are in Pre-Release (not in theatres but not on DVD) the cost on average is between $400-$600. The license is good for one screening.

Who needs one

In almost all instances a license is required. For private events taking place at your residence such as a backyard movie, no license is required. For schools you are best to check with your Principal or Librarian to ensure your school subscribes to one of the providers.

You should know this

With outdoor movies being primarily a family event there are some restrictions with Disney releases. The studio releases blackout dates every Summer where their films can not be played publicly. Please check with us to ensure the title you are looking for is available on your requested date.


Outdoor Movie license provider. For more information on the studios and titles ACF carries, you can access their website for many great ideas on films you can show on our inflatable screens. The studios they carry are different from Criterion so as not to directly compete with each other.

Need help with a title

For a comprehensive review and for detailed information on any title you are interested in please visit IMDB. They also have many charts available to help you narrow your search for your next outdoor movie screening.


Outdoor Movie license provider. Visit Criterion's website to view all of their available movie titles and the studios they carry. Many suggestions are available for your outdoor movie presentation. The studios they carry are different from ACF so as not to directly compete with each other.

What would our Outdoor Movie Look Like

Below are some examples of that our inflatable outdoor movie screens look like at events. Click here for more information on each of our screen sizes.
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