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What is an Outdoor Movie

An Outdoor Movie is an event where an inflatable movie screen is set up in an area and people gather to watch a film outdoors. That's the easy answer, but an Outdoor Movie is more than that. Outdoor movies bring families and friends together in a time where we are always so busy in our lives. They bring a sense of community for municipal events. They bring a sense of belonging for employees at corporate events. They bring a sense of family to back yard events. A positive addition to any event.

Outdoor Movie Rental Services - FAQ and Policies

Common questions with helpful answers.

What about daytime movies

We have two answers for that. The quick answer is no - not with projection. We use extra bright projectors which allow for earlier visibility - usually used for pre-show promos - but projection simply can't compete with daylight. We are also partnered with a production company and when requested, will use an LED display for daytime events.

Do you travel

We sure do! We are based in Ontario, but have hosted events across many provinces. Feel free to contact us with your location and event date and we will happily quote our services for you.

Where can you set up your outdoor movie event

We can quote literally set up out Outdoor Movie events anywhere. Park spaces and fields are most common, but your imagination is the only limit for us. Rooftops, barges, back yards, pools, lakes, beaches, concrete, artificial turf, you name it!

Why do we need a license

When showing an Outdoor Movie in a public format you will need a license to show that film to be legal. There are three license providers in Canada: ACF, Criterion and the NFB of Canada. We will assist you in obtaining your license. Please see our Movie License page for all the details.

Are you insured

Yes. We carry $5 Million liability. This covers incidents related to our equipment and/or crew. We do recommend obtaining your own that would cover the rest of your event. This is called General Liability Insurance and is usually fairly inexpensive.

What about music licensing

For most of our shows we play music before the movie starts to keep the crowd entertained. We require a license to legally play that music in a public format much like the movie licenses. This is an annual license we purchase and doesn't cost you anything.

How many hours do we get

Most outdoor screening events are for one film. That being said, if you want to pull an all-nighter we would be happy to stick around! There is an additional charge of course, so let us know what you have in mind at the time of quoting. Multi-day events? No problem - we do that too!

What type of outdoor movie projection

For Outdoor & Inflatable Movies screen we project from the front. The outdoor movie screen surface (the white part) will provide the best image when it's solid white. Rear projection surfaces lose light and can affect the image greatly. We always ensure projection equipment does not interfere with the audience's experience.

What about cancellations

Once booked, your outdoor movie event is locked and loaded. We are commited to our customers and expect the same in return. Cancellations are not permitted for any reason except weather. Deposits are non-refundable.

Can we show a theatre title

Technically you could. The cost of licensing would eclipse our services - and then some! Typically we show DVD release titles and Pre-Release titles (movies that are out of theatre, but not on DVD yet). See our licensing page for more details.

Does it have to be a movie

That's a no. We will project anything that is provided to us! Want to play Wii or X-Box? No problem. Watch the Stanley Cup or Superbowl? Let's do it! Use the screen for live camera feeds or slide shows? Absolutely. There is almost no limit. Try us.

What about weather

There are a couple of options. If we are on site or on our way, and your event is cancelled we will re-schedule your event and you simply cover our labour costs for that day or we can move to an indoor facility making your event rain or shine.

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